axamaxa (pronounced: ah-shah ma-shah) is an indie author who writes books and articles for Hermit’s Tower Publishing, which specializes in Esoteric texts; notably Hermetics, Qabalah, Alchemy, and Spherical Metaphysics.

The aim of this treatise will be to lay out the fundamental groundwork for the Metaphysical Qabalist to apply in the practical operations of Mirror Magic, as well as to serve as a basis upon which to draw whenever things come up. Magic has a Life of its own, and is never static -ever fluid and full of creativity; circumstances will change and things do ‘come up’.

This is a book of the Magic Mirror vis-a-vis the reflexivity of Self-Referential Truth in the World Experience. Mirror Magic is a Complex Dynamic System that is part of General Systems Theory from the Esoteric Perspective.
This is not a beginners book, per se, but it will suffice as well as any other if you are just starting out. Rest assured, you will find more than enough about the proper materials for pulling together a serious Magic Mirror. A Magic Mirror is a genuine artifact and a thing of exquisite beauty.

Beyond the initial steps towards getting something up and running, you will need a coherent plan of navigation to continue in the field, for the Magic Universe is expansive, its Beings uniquely distinguished, and its phenomena trans-dimensional; and you are about to become an Actor in this vast Network and almost every part of it. If this small text can serve as your guide towards that endeavor, then I shall be gratified in my mission to serve.

This manuscript represents a comprehensive theory on the Magic Mirror of Hermetic Qabalah; parts, construction, uses, and care. Also a comprehensive elaboration on navigating the world of Mirror Magic from the psychodynamic and transpersonal perspective. This includes reference to Qabalah (Hermetic), Alchemy, Esoteric Psychology, Cabala (Christian Mysticism), Metachemistry and Health, Environmental Ontology, and much more. This is perhaps the most complete treatise on Mirror Magic as a transdimensional network engagement system.