The Magic Mirror

The Magic Mirror of Metaphysical Qabalah

The Magic Mirror is unlike most of the scrying and crystal gazing books available in that it is far more comprehensive and authoritative. Whereas most of this genre will focus on a few simple platitudes that could easily have been researched online, The Magic Mirror is an in-depth textbook on the matter. Apparently it is, in fact, used as a textbook by the Metaphysical Qabalah organization.

The author certainly seems to be an expert on this particular subject, with veteran tidbits scattered generously throughout the text, as well as sharing a few stories from obviously direct experience. The standard magical electrum is extensively covered while the spagyric elixir is explained in greater depth than any other text or source material. In the Magic Mirror, far more explanations are presented as to the reasoning behind the selection of each herb. Even in the most authoritative alternative presentation, one is given a mere list of herbs with no explanation why they are chosen.

In connection with the Electrum (Alchemical Metals) is a very satisfying sub-plot of Cabalistic Alchemy. Geological Earth-based Spirituality is presented along with the biological transmutations involved in human metabolism. This is not the same old rhetoric that we have grown accustomed to in our contemporary smugness and thus takes some getting used to if we are to gain any insight from something new and different. One of the biggest challenges is comprehending the Esoteric profundity of Alchemical Cabala. Though this is a text of Hermetic Qabalah, the sections dealing with Cabala are deep and unobtainable anywhere else. These factors alone make this book a precious rarity in these times.

Beyond all the expertise and technical advice on Mirrors and their construction, is something oddly unique going on, as if there were some kind of greater truth, hidden behind the actual words and paragraphs. Glimpses emerge from time to time of things much larger than the subject; things which belong to some community of mystery, not indoctrinated by the shallows of modern life. Connections peek through, as if to say, ‘We are here, just beyond your time-bound perceptions; if only you would read deeper and reflect more’. Something weird in the phrasing, the choice of words, and the way the whole is put together hints at some ulterior meaning behind the book: a secret there to be grasped.

Much more could be said about this broad compendium of unusual knowledge; so broad in fact, that it might be advisable to stop occasionally to take in what all has been said up to each point. But you can see for yourself. The Magic Mirror of Metaphysical Qabalah is available from Amazon in both ebook and paperback form. Here is a non-affiliate link: Mirror.