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A Compendium of Art

A Love of Art

There is so much Lovely Art on-line that we just had to bring you samples of the nuggets we find, our favorite Artists, and a bit of our own Original Art. Please Enjoy!

Cyborg Assemblage

The technique of Mushin (no-mind) leaves more room for the Light. Looking forward, via our neo-mammalian Cerebral Cortex, toward the Future (and hence retro-causally) means that Causalities are dialed-in from our Karmic Past (Chronos) and processed via our reptilian hindbrain.

Steampunk with Map Rosetta

The Mastery of Space-Time also includes the Mastery of Space and here the Central Nexus of all Cardinal Directions provides the Portal to Teleportation.

The Map of the Steampunk Rosetta Stone is one of the most important crypto-facets in any steampunk adventure. It provides the location of all other maps and portals which are needed to gather resources from across the universe. 

The Map of the Steampunk Rosetta Stone contains all information about space-time mastery and spatial magic. The map also indicates which portals need to be opened by opening a portal in specific locations in order to get access to them. They are the portals to other worlds, governing the inter-dimensional cosmology that was created by the Order of Mercury (the Traveler) and how it is used in their teleportation system. The Order of Mercury has the power to warp space-time and create shortcuts between various points on the map. The Map of the Steampunk Rosetta Stone offers realtime experience through the eyes of their avatar characters. Two counter-rotating maps impart information projecting scenes upon a stage with shifting plots for greater adventure.

Visual Art Perspective

Art appreciation is not complete without understanding what was going on in the artist’s head when they made the work. Artists are always seeking new ways to express their perspective through various types of art. Viewing art from different perspectives will increase your understanding of it and your ability to see what makes a work of art great.

Emotive Mixed-Media is a project by artist and writer, Pixel Hat. This series of studies captures the moods, colors of feeling, and intuitive images through mixed media. The feminine is not just a gender. It is an archetype that transcends gender and speaks to the subconscious of all human beings. The series was created in response to her own personal experience with thoughts and profound moods. She wanted to create something that would capture the feelings she had felt during that time and create something beautiful out of them.

Atmospheric Watercolor

Atmospheric Watercolor is a style of watercolor painting that captures the mood or atmosphere of the scene with its color palette, rather than focusing on what is in front of you. The result is a dreamy, magic look that is different from traditional watercolors. The atmospheric watercolor paintings are usually done in pastels or muted colors, with an emphasis on moods and feelings rather than the objects in front of you. The atmospheric waterlight creates an eerie, dreamy, and undefined space. Though there is nothing to see in the sky, you can feel the moods of the atmosphere from its color. There are many beautiful and surreal paintings that can be created with the use of atmospheric water color.

Steampunk Collage

Steampunk is a subgenre of science fiction or historical fantasy that incorporates technology and aesthetic designs inspired by 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery. The steampunk collage art style is typically composed of vintage images, gears, and other elements that are layered together to create a digital collage. The term “Steampunk” describes an aesthetic style and ideology based on anachronism, where steam power is used in Victorian era machinery. Sometimes describes as retro-futuristic.

Digital Mixed-Media

Digital Mixed-Media is the use of digital tools and techniques to produce a mixed-media or mixed-media art piece. Great freedom is afforded the artistic creative with this genre. Digital artists have a wide variety of new tools and techniques available to them. This allows them to combine styles, textures, and mediums in new ways that would have been difficult before digital technology was introduced. Digital altering of images also help create pieces with a more dramatically innovative look because photos can be manipulated in ways that are conducive to working up with additional mediums and varied techniques, such as pencils or paint on paper.

Classic: Lines, Color, Texture

Digital Art affords us the opportunity to recreate photographs in any way we can imagine. I’ve seen the photograph that this piece is taken from and satisfyingly, the Art is rendered more pleasing than the original. This is one of the major wonders of Art…that it is so instrumental in the advancement of Human Perception, especially by way of the unlimited Imagination. Image is, naturally the root-word of Imagination.

After the Artist Engages with Art for a Time, the Artist becomes changed and can never see the World in the former prosaic ways. This holds a big lesson for Society as to the ultimate Benefit of sponsoring the Arts.

Digital Acrylic: Mixed-Moods

We are accustomed to seeing Art described as ‘Mixed Media’ (which technically, any Art is) but Color and Tinctures themselves have Emotional Overtones, which lavishly render any piece a work of ‘Mixed Moods’.

Words are a type of Art too but Labor so to describe what can be far more broadly imparted by the application of several blended Colors and the minimal suggestion of Form.

Mixed-Moods is a new form of artistic expression that reflects the contemporary moods and colors of feeling. These moods, colors, stories and feelings are all conveyed through the artwork and it leaves an impact on the viewer.

Modern Gouache Collage

Gouache is a type of water-based paint. Artists typically use gouache because it can provide more vibrant colors than regular watercolor paints and it can also be applied with much more texture than acrylic paints. In the modern era of art, the use of gouache has become popular. Gouache paintings are popular for their bright colors, compositions and emotive subject matter which mainly revolves around subconscious motifs like figures, animals and plants as well as abstract shapes with imaginary or ambiguous meaning.

Modern Gouache Collage is an art form that has been around since the late 1800s. The technique was pioneered by Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso in France during the early 1900s and gradually became popular among the Russian avant-garde in Saint Petersburg. This is largely due to the availability of better materials in this form and the use of bolder colors and elements of Cubism which makes the art more emotive.

Interactive Sculpture

This interactive intuitive is a sculpture that can engage with the viewer. An example is the Man Looking at Himself, a metal sculpture in which people see their own reflection behind the sculpture. The interactive sculpture provokes people to become aware of themselves, raising self-reflective implications for not only the viewer but also for society as a whole.

Tectonic Phrenology

Tectonic Phrenology is related to how various parts of the psychology are linked with corresponding body segments, and they often move during sleep. This commonly induces migration of the skull-bones, whereby dream-consciousness causes change to structures in the cranial vault, resulting in displacement to areas like additional eyes and clairvoyant ears, as well as a rusty oxidative patina.

Sculptural Architecture

Many cultures added sculptures to their buildings that could carry the culture’s values and transport them into idealisms. Today we see buildings with stunning sculptures, and iconography that are not only beautiful but also have a spiritual aspect to them. Sculptures are erected in public spaces to provide a visual representation of power. The sculpture of an angel would symbolize that the owner was a messenger or envoy of God, or perhaps a divine arbiter of Justice.

Space Age Art

Perhaps a response to anxiety in the modern age, celebrating technological advances such as satellites and space travel. From this we see how space age art began. Artists have always been at the forefront of new technologies, showcasing visionary works, sometimes considered far-fetched, often creating contraptions using combinations of intricate and unrelated gadgets to complete simple ideas. These new pieces of work are assemblages of tubes, pulleys and mechanisms creating something that resembles a robot or vehicle with abstractions of gears and parts.

The Final Word Is Encaustic