Stop Right There


Premium Art Solution

By Your Favorite Artist

Resonates with the Soul

A premium art solution that gives the collector the opportunity to stop and enjoy the art, suspend time and engage with the world around them.

Each artist’s work is distinctly different from one another ranging from figurative and abstract to mixed media. Our artists are also in contact with collectors and customers providing transparency into their process. Artists also offer help in selecting pieces that should be looked at closely.



Avant Garde Textures
Pixie Hat

What Curators say

The artwork gallery that is both a premium service for collectors and a profitable investment opportunity. The concept behind the art gallery is to provide collectors with high value art as well as being a respectable, yet premium service for collectors. It will be curated by an award winning arts journalist and internationally acclaimed professional artists.

For art enthusiasts, this is heaven. For collectors, this is pure gold. Our company provides collectors with unprecedented value in the contemporary fine arts To put it simply, it ensures that art enthusiasts get the best of both worlds - a great piece of art and high returns on their investments. This is a revolutionary concept that started out as an idea to provide collectors with premium quality artwork - high in aesthetic value and profitable investment potentials.