The Art of Writing

Why does the Golden Typewriter Image elicit such profound creative writing & such prodigious success?

Momma's Beloved Rolltop Desk

The lovely Rolltop was part of Momma’s heirloom and it brought me such joy to behold. This picture brings the memories back and whispers to me that now the tale can finally be told. It was enough to be a federal fugitive, wanted in three states, with governor’s warrants out everywhere. But they didn’t have to burn my house down to cover the larceny…

The Art of Romance

Nothing stokes the flaming heat of a fresh Romance like handwritten letters. Studies have long shown that those romances are stronger, more profound, and last longer than any other when they begin with letters to one another.

The Art of Writing is itself a type of Romance based upon dedication and commitment…

Surefire Boost to Creative Faculties

What is it about typing with the non-dominant hand that sparks creativity and brings a flood of output?

Did you know that writing with the Right Side of the Brain increases your Creative output enormously? Well, have you enjoyed the practice of left-handed typing and noticed the energized stimulation of being a Right-Brain Prodigy?

Magic Inks and Stylus

In the olden days, the Scribes worked day and night, accomplishing great tasks. What was it that inspired them so? Did you know that you can energetically charge your hand-made customized Ink formulas to Resonate with your cherished Muse?

Your Stylus can be a Magical Artifact, too; complete with all the powers of a dedicated Wand. What better way to call forth the Instrumental Expression of the written Word?

Technique & Mechanics

Character is Expressed via Its Context. This means that both the Scene and the Plot are interactive in its ultimate exaltation. The Scene itself is a ubiquitous and constant Hidden Character…

Prodigies & Masters of the Manuscript

When it comes to crankin’ out the hits, textual writers could learn a thing or two from other producers of intellectual creativity. Both Artists and Composers have important things to teach…

Portals to Expanded Imagination

Flat, bland, and uninspired are terms one never wishes to hear applied to oneself. All Genius agrees that to indulge in reading is the true cure for this…