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We define the ethos of our company as being about the creative potential of books, in an age when we are all able to share our thoughts and experiences with a global audience, we aim to champion individual creativity and the powerful ideas it can yield.

With this philosophy in mind, we provide writers with tools of experimentation that assist in their creative process. The experimentation tools include: deep introspection, freedom of thought, and innovation. We believe these factors are essential for expressive genius to be found.

There are many reasons why people choose to publish independently. This choice is an attractive and viable option for many authors who have the experience, resources, and determination to maintain control over their writing and publishing process.

The decision to do independent publishing is partly about an author’s desire to maintain creative control, but it is also about the potential for a personal or inner truth that can be expressed without the constraints of publishing industry norms.

Executive Team

Blackwell’s Grove Publishing is a company that seeks to publish and distribute books that are of high quality, excellence, and innovation. We work hard to find the best authors, while providing them with the necessary guidance and support they need. Our executive team has extensive experience and expertise in the field of publishing and are patient and caring mentors. Blackwell’s Grove Publishing also provides a wide variety of publishing options for authors who are looking for guidance. Blackwell’s Grove Publishing offers a wide variety of services, from non-traditional book publishing processes to online marketing campaigns, branding and author narrative. In short, our expertise can help you get your book into the hands of readers all over the world!

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